Paul Scott (Aboriginal Artist)


Uncle Paul Scott is an Aboriginal Artist on NSW South Coast and a member of the Australian Aboriginal Arts Association. Uncle Paul grew up in Nowra, NSW and started creating artworks from a very young age. He refined his style of contemporary traditional specialising in native animals in their natural habitat in his late teens.

Uncle Paul has gone on to create carvings, paintings, book illustrations and Aboriginal artifacts in his unique style.

Uncle Paul was commissioned to create artworks for:

  • Illawarra/Shoalhaven Aboriginal Disability Conference in 2015. Uncle Paul’s designs were used as the main logo for this event and various artworks were used throughout promotional materials.
  • My Cancer Care Diary as part of NSW Health Cancer Institute NSW.
  • NDIS Calendar and diary as part of the Shoalhaven/Illawarra Aboriginal Health Services NSW.
  • Anglicare Community Services – Youth and Counselling Services. Uncle Paul created several works depicting the connection between children with their parents/carers with a sense of healing after parental separation.
  • NSW Family Services. Underwater themed wall mural.

Art Examples:

Uncle Paul and Aunty Janette with an artwork depicting the coming together of family into the meeting places. The middle circle represents Anglicare, and the other circles represent the boys and girls as part of the community in Nowra.
These whales are part of an artwork showing the closeness of the child with the parent in activity together.


Uncle Paul reflects on his client’s goals and designs a concept that supports the vision for their works. Uncle Paul uses both contemporary and traditional approaches, with local animals in their natural habitat.


Uncle Paul uses the natural curvature of driftwood to determine the outcome of the carving. Uncle Paul carves, burns, and sometimes paints, the wood as he sees the wood’s natural intent.

Other Artworks

Uncle Paul carves Boomerangs, didgeridoos and Coolamons created with burnt artworks and painting to highlight the traditional nature of these instruments.

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